Noleggio rimorchiatori pontoni servizi portuali trasporti rimorchi via mare genova mar mediterraneo Levante news - Comunicato di Portofino 31/08/2017

Levante news - Comunicato di Portofino 31/08/2017





Portofino Municipality advise that, as of this morning, the works of preparation of a 1500 sqm barge are started in order to host the launch of “PORTOFINO” the new born car of FERRARI to which the Maranello house gave the name of the most famous burg in the world.

The barge, moored at the pier yesterday evening, is equipped with a rigid frame to cover about 1300 guests that FERRARI decided to invite on the most exclusive location ever splitting them into two night events on September 7th and September 8th.

Portofino Mayor Matteo Viacava, one more time available when it is time to to knuckle down andto take a concrete action, explains: “we have been waiting for so long the arrival of the barge; we are starting to experience the atmosphere of the event, and on the other side in our burg we never saw such a big barge.

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart all the operators who allowed the berth operation of the barge, the Local Harbour Master office that with its men, under the supervision of Mr. Bei the Harbour Master Commanding Officer, granted the security of the maneuver, heartfelt thanks to FERRARI to have chosen us (Portofino) and to have given life to this important and strong synergy, which without doubts, will last in the time.

I wish to thank Paolo Donadoni, Mayor of Santa Margherita Ligure, along with the administration another time collaboration has been perfect and well coordinated.

Many snapshots and videos have been taken by the curious tourists upon the arrival of the element towed by the nautical means of OROMARE SpA an important Genoese firm operating in the nautical services field.

The whole administration wanted to salute the arrival of the barge in the “piazzetta” with a symbolic handshake either with the FERRARI Staff or with the personnel of THE NEXT, the firm organizing the 2 night events; a symbolic handshake that officially started the preparation works for what is already foreseen to be one of the most important event ever saw in Portofino the most beautiful and famous burg in the world.