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Tugs Towing & Offshore -16/8/2015


The end of July 2015 a total of seven distinct units were towed by two tugs from two separate European Owners from Djen Djen, Algeria to Safi Port, Morocco. These units  were intended for work on a port construction project. 2011 built 63.6t bollard pull tug, “Sea Dream”, operated by OROMARE Company, completed 2 double tows.

In the first voyage she double-towed a barge  (40  x 16 m.) and a tug (23.9 x 5 m.), while in the second voyage she towed a floating crane (45 x 17 m.) and a flattop barge (50 x 18 m.).

“Sea Dream” towed nearly 2300 tonnes in her two double tow voyages.