Noleggio rimorchiatori pontoni servizi portuali trasporti rimorchi via mare genova mar mediterraneo Porto e diporto - 23/12/2011

Porto e diporto - 23/12/2011


It has been baptised on Genova three new means in few weeks.

Two of these, called Norwegian and Spain, are new tugs operated by Rimorchiatori Riuniti who perform maritime services onto the ports either Genova, Salerno or Malta.

Few days later has been baptised "Sea Dream" operated by OROMARE S.p.A.; the new AHT completing renewal means program that the Company started one years ago purchasing the tug "Koral" operated befor by Big Shipping.

Sea Dream starting to operate in Mediterranean Sea but, having regard to its technical carachteristics, is cannot exclude its use even outside.